Payment frequency:

120 Creative Units (~30hrs)


each additional

Start now
**CAD FEE and subject to HST

What's included:

Custom graphic designs & photo editing
Illustrations & photo manipulation using Adobe products & Canva.
Motion graphics
Gifs & short MP4s
2 - 3 Day Fulfillment
Depending on complexity of request, turn around times vary.
Stock Images
Klnda pulls images from Shutter stock, adobe stock, and other stock photo depositries.
Approximately 30hrs of a Jr. graphic designers time
This is equivalent to 7 hrs a week.

300 Creative Units (~75hrs)


each additional

Start now
**CAD Fee and subject to HST

Lite Plus:

2 Projects at once
2 Design pro requests being worked on at once
2 Brands
2 Saved brands
1 Day Fulfillment
24 Hr turn-around times
Branding support
Access to Design Pro manager for brand strategy
Additional 45hrs of graphic design work

567 Creative Units (~140hrs)


each additional

Contact Sales
**CAD Fee and subject to HST


+ 3 Brands
Save over 3 brand profiles
Design Pro Team
Dedicated team FLIP
Custom workflows
Added admin. for advanced marketing projects
Full-time graphic designer
Enterprise is approximetly 1 full-time graphic designer
Coming soon...


Payment frequency:
$95 +

5 Pages

Manage my site
**MONTHLY CAD FEE and subject to HST

What's included:

Basic website edits
Changes to content, blog uploads, staff updates
Website hosting
Fast & robust hosting
$220 +

5 Pages

Chat websites
**MONTHLY CAD FEE and subject to HST

What's included:

Full site development
Site developed using webflow and provided copy & assets
Website edits
Edits to site such as adding new employees, adding new blogs, adding basic changes
$430 +

6+ Pages

Chat websites
**MONTHLY CAD FEE and subject to HST

Launch and:

Full content upgrading
On-going changes to marketing landing pages, temporal specials, banners and pop-ups
Advanced edits & integrations
Custom integrations with third party apps. Website forms management
Animations & User interactions
This pop-up bubble is an example of an interaction.

Unique animations for extraordinary UX
Coming soon...
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