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Out of this world support for creative agencies.

All companies of all sizes - startups to large enterprises need an agency with consistent, eye catching, and most importantly, sales converting creative output. FLIP os KD21 enables you to fulfill your clients needs' faster, at scale, while automating agency processes. Reduce agency risk and grow stronger than ever before.
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App meets support.

KD21 elevates the creative company. Designed, developed and supported for maximum creative output. A new way to create more.

KD21 Capabilities

Design Production

Unparalleled design production. Increase your creative team's capacity or extend your agency's services.


Automated accounting & taxes with agency insights for better decision making. Grow faster with lower risk.

Virtual Assist

Operational support with unique agency task fulfillment. Delegate compliance and routine tasks.

Unified os for maximum value.

A fully integrated suite of business services & apps designed specifically for the creative company. KD21 simplifies the scaling process by matching trusted apps and top international talent.

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Let the agency owners speak!

I love working with FLIP! best tech and remote team I've dealt with. I don't need to worry about contractors coming and the platform helps us stay organized. And I feel like they actually care about our agency.

Lori Gibson

Our net profit margin has increased dramatically & the quality of our output has skyrocketed. Really dig the dashboards so I know where everything is and I haven't gone in quickbooks since we integrated our bookkeeping processes.

Kevin Moreira

How to start automating with KD21?

As simple as flipping a switch. You focus on running your agency,
team flip will personally configure your KD21 portal and you can start automating today.
Choose Starting Subscription

Sign up to start Subscription

Determine your automation levels and fill in some agency details. Whether you are looking for just one support service or all, pick one to get started. After filling out the subscription request form, a local Account Manager will reach out within 15 mins.

Agency Portal and App Set-up

Agency Portal & App Set-up

You've met with your Account manager who will make sure your portal is set-up and customized to meet your team's unique needs and requested support level.

Receive Agency Insights

Grow your agency with Continuous Support

Reach for the stars with our automated fulfillment. Build better marketing campaigns & better websites, at larger scale and lower cost.

New agency and ready to launch?

Try any KD21 solutions for 50% off*

Create more, faster.

Limitless creative possibilities. A new way to scale your agency without burnout, while reducing risks. Be supported by friendly team flip. A human touch to an ever increasingly automated world 😊

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Pricing that's forward thinking and transparent.

Pay exactly for the support you need, nothing less, nothing more. Increase agency margins, reduce HR headaches & take the guesswork out of future earnings. Create more.

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Live Support Hours:

Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST
Call Us: (+1 ) 647- 641-1105
Snail Mail:
240 Richmond St W, Toronto,
ON M5V 1V6
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