Your new accounting department, in your phone.

Have a birds eye view of where your agency is making money and where it's not. Stop drowning in invoicing, ad reconciliations, payroll, tax preparing, and other accounting shenanigans & refocus on growth. Provide more value to your agency's clients and scale smoother.

Accounting support in your new accounting department.

It's an app eat app world, and when it isn't, we have the best accounting experts to support your agency's accounting and bookkeeping needs. Our bookkeepers are 100% remote with local financial experts, CPA accountants, and extremely able bodied CRA representatives for dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Redefining the traditional bookkeeping function with agency accounting dash.

  • Know where your creative company is actually making money, and where exactly your losing it, or could be more profitable. Key agency insights for financial control
  • Be anywhere and access crucial agency numbers
  • Knowledge with expert support available Mon-Fri from 9am - 5pm eastern standard time

Transparent pricing with no contracts.

  • Expensed based pricing or "pay as you go" for all accounting support subscriptions
  • We know traditional accounting is often expensive & taxing (pun intended), and that is exactly why we're not traditional!
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