Save cost by relieving your designers of production.

Creative units

Redefining the way agencies work.

With our design production platform, your designers and strategists have access to world-class talent. Budget out your clients marketing budget, pick the desired creative units & blast off.

Building client budgets faster & cut costly sales processes.

The simple CU metric system allows for quick operations & reduces risk while freeing up designers time.

1 Creative unit = 10 min. of design production time, research, or revisions

The higher the complexity and customization of an asset, the higher the number of creative units would be required to fufill order.

Capabilities include:

Facebook ads, instagram ads, website graphics, twitter ads, 2D animations, 3D animations

We work WITH your strategists & designers.


Relieve your designers from basic edits. Your designers time is extremely valuable so why have them perform rudimentary illustration effects, photoshop techniques, or simple revisions.


Short animation production, motion graphics, gifs

FLIP-INC Approved Apps: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Webflow,

FLIP Partnership