Accounts Payable

Never worry about paying bills again.

Get invoicing off your calendar and gain back valuable time. Upload or forward client agreements to workstation to automatically increase cash flow from late invoicing. KLNDA will create, send & collect invoices from all lodged signed client agreements. What a timesaver.

Automated bills

Branded invoicing for

Banking request

KLNDA keeps the cash flowing with friendly follow ups for quick collections.

Tiered approvals

Select the reporting schedule and get informative updates automatically sent to agency owners.

Efficient & CRA 

Efficiency ratios automatically calculated and presented in AR reporting for a more in depth agency analysis.

Accounts Payable Turnover

Strict monitoring of AR turnover to ensure agency is able to collect accounts receivable to pay off agency liabilities.

Days Accounts Payables are Outstanding

Always looking to improve and collect faster so AR never accumulates.

Accounts Payable FAQ