Accounting on autopilot.

Automated bookkeeping.

No-stress payroll.

Secure AP Management

Invoicing & Collections


Apps & Data storage

FLIP Partnership


Our proven continuous accounting method.

Algorithm based accounting alleviates mundane bookkeeping to keep your agency running efficiently. Continuous accounting is our live reconciliation process to keep reports updated and prevent unauthorized transactions.

Agency specific budgets for advanced analytics.

Budget alerts sent so you know as soon as you are veering off.

Put your accounting on autopilot. Reconciliations done automatically. Safe secure. Fraud detection.

Accruals made for better insights.

Invoicing & AR Management


Stop those delays and get paid faster.

Following up for invoices that have slipped through the cracks.

AR reporting to stay in the know.

Expense tracking & Bill payments

Time to ditch that cheque book.

Electronic payments automatically queued up after approval.

Save even more time.

AP Reporting for cash flow analysis.


Modern payroll set-up for your whole team.

Direct deposit & digital paystubs.

No more late filing fees.

Remittances made easy. Calculation hero, no more CPP & EI stresses.

Financial Statements

Reading your agency's books.

Key statements generated automatically.

Profit & loss statement

Client Profitability
Cashflow Statements
Balance Sheets
AR Reports

AP Reporting for cash flow analysis.


Custom agency budgets.

A well thought out agency plan to create action & direction. Future friendly insights to reduce risk when making agency changing executive decisions.

Instant notification of overages. Allow more autonomy while still maintaining control.

Have confidence in your agency's ability to meet targets.


Weekly & monthly information shares.

Face-to-face meetings with your account manager for trusted advice.

Reduce compliance work.

Friendly live support.

Human touch to a tech heavy world.

Accounting Apps

FLIP-INC APPROVED: Xero, Receipt bank, Plooto,

Storage for up to 7 years as per CRA.

Only the best


& digital (of course)

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